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Bought my 2009 kz mtx toy hauler new from Beckleys Rv.We took it out for the first time and the heater quit working,motor quit working on drop down bed,all senscers quit working for septic and kept coming on in the middle of night,gas and smoke detector keeps going off,both have been replace and they still keep going off.sink leaks water.

Water leaking around antenna since the day i bought it.

I took camper out this past weekend, and found a leak in the bedroom wall,all seals have been caulk but stll leak, Beckleys wants 900.00 to fix it,evening thow i have another year warranty left they said its not covered.I will never buy another kz camper or any camper from becklleys.

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It is becoming more apparent that KZ RV are throwing out junky and defective trailers.Don't even attempt to have your issue addressed by KZ as they couldn't care less.

No one should have to go through the BBB to get a response, and then lawyers for them to put their junk right.Be warned all KZ RVs are junk.

KZ Recreational Vehicles - Kz Junk

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Bought my camper new in 2009,from Beckleys Rv, i took it out one time,heater quit working,radio kept going on and off in the middle of night.leaks water through antenna,motor went bad for drop down bed,gas detector keeps going off and also smoke detector.sink leaking,outside speakers were mounting up side down. We have used camper about 12 times.we just got back from ocean city,md.why we were there we found a soft spot in are bedroom wall from rain.i had caulk all areas and it still leaks. Beckley wants 900.00 too fix it.I still have anothet year warranty on camper,but beckleys said it wasnt covered.I will never buy another camper from Becklys rvs or another kz.

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